Our Hemp oil is extracted using a cold press, completely solvent free natural process.  This means no harmful chemicals are used in the extraction process, making our hemp oil one of the cleanest and greenest in the world.   We are proud of our product and are committed to getting CBD out at a reasonable cost.  

What makes Colorado Craft's full spectrum CBD unique?

  • We are a boutique extraction lab, focusing on small-batch manufacturing
  • Our cold press extraction process is SOLVENT FREE and uses NO CO₂, Alcohol, Ethanol, or Hydrocarbon
  • Essential plant phytonutrients, commonly removed during more abrasive distillations, are retained and reflected in our clean GREEN extract
  • We proudly source from local compliant Colorado small farms of 10 acres or less that do not practice the use of pesticides
  • Quality assurance is third-party tested with Certificates of Analysis
  • Environmentally conscious production creates byproducts that are also  toxin free, organic and biodegradable
  • Extraction plant solids provide the base for crafted horse feed and canine treats


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Please reach out with any questions or Discount codes.  Special rates on Pet Serum for adopted pets. 

Colorado Craft

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